MARIANNE GORIUK and her fiancé, Chad Kroeger, needed a new barn.

"Chad turned the last one into a recording studio," she explains. "We didn't have any place for the horses." Home for Goriuk and Kroeger, lead singer of the acclaimed Canadian band Nickelback, is a 20-acre property near Abbotsford, British Columbia. Goriuk raises horses, and they needed a barn that would meet the needs of both the animals and their owners.

The resulting multi-purpose structure does both, Kroeger says. "It's meant you don't have to be in the house to entertain. You can be away from folks out here, too. It's our space."

The designer, architect Ernest Neudorf of Envision Design Works Inc., worked with the couple to create a building resembling the barns the pair recall from their youths in Alberta. There are also hints of a more sophisticated mountain ranch style, popular in B.C.'s lower mainland and the American mountain west.

"There's a little classic English horse barn thrown in," Neudorf says. "There were rumours that it was made in England or someplace and was shipped in."

Kroeger gives Goriuk credit for leading the design process. "It's an Alberta barn. No B.S., it works hard and it looks great." ...